Bed Bug Control



In less than a decade, bed bugs have spread throughout the nation in epidemic proportions.  Commercial establishments such as hotels and apartment complexes are the hardest hit .  Residential  bed bug infestations are becoming more prominent now as well.

Control of these insects requires knowledge of their biology and habits because they are very secretive. Overlooking one nesting site can lead to treatment failure and continuing infestation.

Our technical team performs an onsite evaluation to determine if bed bugs are infesting your surroundings.  We set up a workable approach to eliminate current infestations and stop the threat of a return infestation by offering solutions to deter further reoccurances.

We offer such products as the Protect-a-Bed bedding encasements for your boxsprings and mattresses.

Learn more by visiting the Bed Bug Institute  where you can get answers to frequently asked questions as well as ask the Experts for their advice.

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