Wood Destroying Insects (WDI)

Termites are not the only threat to your wooden structures


Wood destroying insects and organisms are a concern in any home with a wooden structure or components.  Failure to properly identify and deal with the presence of WDI and WDO can lead to damage to the structure and other wooden components of the house and create the need for expensive repairs.

Every house has wood in it.  Even brick houses have wood framing and sub structure, and since wood destroying insects like termites are responsible for more damage to homes than fire and storms combined it would be a good idea to let the professionals at PermaTreat inspect your home at least once a year.

Termites are not the only threat to your wooden stuctures. The following types of insects can cause damage:

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PermaTreat offers several options to protect your home from termites

We trust Termidor the world’s most effective termiticide and America’s #1 Termite Defense product to protect our customer’s homes.

Homeowners have options other than liquid treatments to protect their home.  PermaTreat offers the Sentricon Baiting System as well as the Advance Baiting System. Both are safe, effective and environmentally friendly.

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Wood Destroying Insect Images

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