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Rat - PermaTreat Pest and Termite ControlWhen fall comes around, many people like to hunker down in their homes to stay warm and comfortable as the temperatures drop. Unfortunately, certain pests and rodents may have the same idea and try to take up residence in your house. 

Learn about some key tips you can use to keep your home pest-free this autumn.

Use Weatherstripping

The various entryways of your house, such as the doors and windows, are a vulnerable spot in your fight against pesky critter invasions. And insects and rodents often gain access to your home through very small openings, such as gaps between your doors and windows and the walls of your house.

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Yellow JacketsWhat are those yellow-striped bugs flying around your house and making loud buzzing noises? Are they bees or yellow jackets? How can you tell which bug is which? Here’s important information about bees and yellow jackets to help you spot the differences between the two insects.

Bees Want Pollen

There are numerous species of bees in the U.S., including 49 species of bumblebees. Some bees make a lot of noise when moving around and inside of flowers, but the buzzing noises aren’t warnings. For example, the bumblebee’s fast and loud movements inside a flower cause the pollen to sonically move from the blossom to the bumblebee’s legs.

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Sadly, bed bugs have become an increasingly common concern in American homes. They are found in all 50 states, and they spread easily. Homeowners often bring bed bugs home after staying in a hotel or other vacation accommodation, so as you travel this summer, you should be wary of these pests. Below, you’ll find some advice to help you avoid bringing bed bugs home from your summer vacation.

What Do Bed Bugs Look Like?

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