What to Know About Stinging Insects

Hornet — Barboursville, WV — PermaTreat Pest & Termite Control

Pests are never pleasant additions to your home or property, but ones that can physically hurt you are even less so. Common insects like bees, hornets, wasps, and yellow jackets are known for stinging humans and animals when they feel threatened. They can also infest your property and discourage you from going outside if you don’t want to risk being stung.

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Tick Infestation — Barboursville, WV — PermaTreat Pest & Termite Control

Have you noticed an increase in ticks around your property lately? These summer pests might seem like harmless insects, but they often carry diseases that can affect both people and pets. So if you’ve found more ticks lately than usual, then arm yourself with the knowledge about two common diseases that ticks can carry and transmit. And, of course, contact the professionals about tick pest control.

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