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    At PermaTreat Pest and Termite Control, we are committed to providing you with a pest control service that will leave your home or business pest-free and protected against unwanted guests. Give us a call now to schedule your free inspection.


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A Trusted Name in Virginia Pest Control Since 1967

PermaTreat Pest and Termite Control has been supplying reliable and effective pest control services throughout Virginia since 1967, and we have the skills and experience to show it. If you’re looking to protect your home against uninvited pests, give our team a call today and benefit from our extensive knowledge.

Summer Is Here And So Is Mosquito And Tick Season.
Are you ready?

Summer is one of the best times of the year to enjoy being outdoors. Gathering with family, cooking out on the grill or taking a swim are all wonderful things to enjoy. It’s important to keep your family and pets safe from mosquito and ticks. The team at Permatreat is ready to help you enjoy your backyard oasis! Call us today to schedule service.

Warmer temps are here to stay, let us keep the pests away from your home or office.

The temperatures are warm and day light is longer. Every season brings its own special set of guests who are pests!
Summer is no different. It is important to keep the unwanted pests away so you can spend time outdoors enjoying games, cookouts or any type of outdoor events.

Now is an important time to call the experts at Permatreat to schedule a free inspection. These unwanted pests can cause allot of damage. Let us prevent or stop a problem before It gets out of control and costs you lots of money having repairs done.

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First Mosquito/Tick service. New Customers Only. Can not combine with any other offers. Must be presented at time of scheduling.

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Are Any Of These Guy's Bugging You? We Can help!

Termites & More

These pests chew through wood and never stop eating. Keep your home and business safe with a termite extermination today.

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A nuisance pest with many different species which infest homes and businesses on a daily basis. Some species are linked to health risks such as Asthma and allergies. Identification is the most important step in controlling these pests.

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Occasional Invaders

As the seasons change so do the pests that invade your home. These nuisance pests enter structures through cracks and crevices in large numbers.

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Pantry Pests

These pests are common and are usually introduced to the home from an infested package or food source. If not identified quickly, population sizes can increase rapidly.

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Stinging Insects

Stinging insects may be harmless to most, but in some cases, they can cause life-threatening allergic reactions to their victims.

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To best prevent human exposure to rodent diseases, ensure an effective and safe strategy for rodent control in and around the home.

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Flying insects are annoying to homeowners due to their elusive nature. Call PermaTreat for control over your flying insect problem.

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Biting Insects

These flying pests are known to carry parasitic diseases, and are generally annoying due to the itchy bumps they leave behind after biting.

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As social insects, ants live in large colonies or groups. If you have an ant infestation, call the professionals to ensure total elimination.

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Though many households host a few, it’s best to schedule extermination services if you notice an abundance of these creatures in your home.

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Big Book of Bugs – Pest Control in Virginia

Big Book of Bugs

All the information and know-how to deal with the creepiest, crawliest critters. Learn which pests to look for as each season changes and how to prevent them from setting up shop.

Find something strange? Send us a picture to our Insect ID.


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  • “Larry came out promptly. He sat down spoke with me and then did a thorough inspection and determined I have termites. I knew I had a problem
    But didn’t know what. I appreciated his experience and being able to diagnose the problem that I was having. He explained everything about how these termites work and what they do and how the termites affect your home. I could not have asked for a more professional person to work with me on diagnosing the problem. He was able to provide a quote right there on the spot. I truly am grateful to have had the chance to get this done by him. Excellent choice.”

  • “Our technician, Johnny, is superb. He is reliable and fully knowledgeable in pest control and always offers sage advice on prevention. I highly recommend Permatreat with complete confidence.”

  • “Joey is fantastic! He has been servicing us for many years and is always pleasant, professional, responsive, very knowledgeable, and does an amazing job! We highly recommend him!”

  • “We have used Permatreat for years. Their service is excellent and they are always responsive to any pest problems.”

  • “We used Perma-treat for some crawl space work under our office and were very pleased with the service we received from Devin Jobe. He is respectful, quick to respond, and made sure the job was completed correctly.”

  • “I’m a long term Permatreat customer, services provided by Phil C. is always meticulous, consistent and outstanding. Phil’s knowledge, skill and customer service is impeccable.”

  • “Have been using PermaTreat for over 2 years. Phil, our technician, has been excellent. He comes monthly and texts a few days ahead of his planned arrival. He coordinates his schedule with ours. He is responsive to our concerns. I am happy to report that he has succeeded in putting and end ( I hope forever) to a mouse problem. Thanks, Phil.”

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Go Green

PermaTreat has been practicing “Green” Pest Control and leading by example for years. We have always used the safest methods possible with a concern for the impact on the environment. Our service personnel will complete an inspection and make written structural and/or sanitation recommendations to correct conditions that would be conducive to a pest infestation.

Should there be a need for an application, we will use botanical and organic products from EcoSmart that are made from essential oils and natural resources. These products have been proven effective and are natural defenses against insects.

Discover how PermaTreat banishes pests permanently from your home.

Using Intergrated Pest Management (IPM) with conventional and environmentally friendly (Green) methods, we are committed to giving your home a thorough treatment that will leave your home pest-free.

Call us now for a pest inspection at 866-737-6287.


PermaTreat uses Integrated Pest Management (IPM). IPM is not a single pest control method, but rather a series of pest management evaluations. In practicing IPM, PermaTreat Monitors, Identifies, Prevents, and Controls those pests.


PermaTreat uses the best available conventional products and procedures to help prevent and control any pest problems you may encounter while protecting your environment.


PermaTreat has been practicing Green Pest Control and leading by example for years. We have always used the safest methods possible with a concern for the impact on the environment.

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