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Carpenter Bee



Size Length: 3/4"
Width: 3/8"

Color Black / Yellow

DIVERSITY 500 Species


Carpenter bees are large bees, resembling bumble bees. They are heavy-bodied and metallic blue-black with green or purplish highlights. The bodies are covered with bright yellow or orange hairs.


These insects build their nests in wood siding, the ends of logs used in modern log houses, or other areas where bare or painted wood is exposed.

Life Cycle

The males and females bore a one-half inch circular hole into the wood, then create a tunnel parallel to the surface of the wood. Within the tunnel the female stores food and lays eggs. The developing carpenter bee larvae are in individual cells in the tunnel. There is usually only one generation per year.


Bore holes in wood; yellow sawdust containing waste materials leaves unsightly stains.

Pest Control

Control of these insects can be achieved by spraying the entrance hole with an aerosol insecticide and plugging it with wood putty to prevent adults from returning.

Causes Property

Inhabit Nearby

Require a Water

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