Category: Pantry Pests

Sawtoothed Grain Beetle

Oryzaephilus Surinamensis


Size Length: <1/4"
Width: <1/8"

Color Brown / Red

DIVERSITY Sole Species


The sawtoothed grain beetle is a widely distributed species commonly found in stored grain. It is often confused with a closely related species, the less common merchant grain beetle.


The sawtoothed grain beetle lays its eggs loosely on foodstuffs at the rate of 6–10 per day, with total being 370 per female. The larvae are to be found within the mass of the foodstuff in the top centimetre or two. Damaged cereal is entered through broken kernels, and the larvae feed on the germ, causing damage by reducing the percentage of grains which will germinate.


The simplest and most effective control measure is to locate the source of infestation and quickly get rid of it. Use a flashlight or other light source to examine all food storage areas and food products carefully. Dispose of heavily infested foods in wrapped, heavy plastic bags or in sealed containers for garbage disposal service, or bury deep in the soil if permitted, practical, and regulations allow. If you detect infestations early, disposal alone may solve the problem.

The use of insecticides is discouraged around food materials. Insecticides are supplementary to sanitation and proper storage. Household insecticides have no effect on insects within food packages.

Causes Property

Inhabit Nearby

Require a Water

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