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Rats and Mice usually become the homeowner’s biggest concern just as the weather turns cold. Rodents find their way into our homes seeking warmth and food.

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Mice – Pest Control in Virginia

They Spread Fast

Mice are very fast breeders. A female house mouse can produce six to 10 litters of young in a year and each of her young becomes sexually active in two months.

Mice have much smaller territories than rats, seldom traveling more than 30 feet from their nest and are also good climbers. They will travel in three dimensions from any single nest site, not just along the floor. Mice can be found in suspended ceilings, inside vertical pipe runs, attics, basements, floor voids, crawl spaces and storage rooms.

Signs of an Infestation

  • Mouse sightings
  • Hearing mouse activity at night
  • Presence of droppings
  • Footprints/tail swipes on dusty surfaces
  • Holes – gnawed in baseboards & packaged foods

Take precautionary measures by:

  • Caulking and sealing holes and cracks found in your home
  • Keeping floors clean from crumbs and debris
  • Keep doors closed, especially in fall and winter
  • Remove all food sources by using tight-fitting containers and placing in a pest-proof area

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Additional concerns of a mouse infestation are the damage they can cause to electrical wiring. They also are known to carry mites as well as other diseases.

Once signs of a mouse infestation are evident, be proactive by contacting your local pest control company.

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