Gutter Guard in Virginia

PermaGuard Leaf Defender Protection System

PermaGuard Leaf Defender is a gutter shield product that can be used on wood, plastic, vinyl, galvanized steel, copper or aluminum gutters. The gutter shield is manufactured out of surgical grade stainless steel so it will not rust.

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Gutter Shield – Pest Control in Virginia
Gutter Before – Pest Control in Virginia
Gutter before Leaf Defender System is installed
Leaf Defender Gutter – Pest Control in Virginia
How Leaf Defender Gutter Guard Is Made
Gutter After – Pest Control in Barboursville, VA
Gutter after Leaf Defender System Is installed

Benefits of Installing the Leaf Defender System on Your Gutters


Leaves, pine needles, roof grit, seed pods, small organic matter and whirly birds from entering your rain gutter system.


The need for annual rain gutter maintenance.


With the convenience and peace of mind that your rain gutters are protected and free of debris and obstructions year-round.

See What the Magic of the Leaf Defender System Can Do for You

Clogged gutters can cause water damage to your home. Let us install our PermaGuard Leaf Defender System and protect your home from foundation problems, basement leaks, rotting windows, rotting fascia boards and soffits, mold and mildew and even insect infestation.

It’s sleek and streamlined design is virtually invisible once installed and will not interfere with the beauty of your home.

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