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Spiders are predators that often enter your home through poorly screened windows and doors or by accidental hitchhiking through boxes or various outdoor items. If you find spiders in your home, be sure to contact PermaTreat Pest and Termite Control at your earliest convenience for a safe and effective spider extermination service.

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Spider Habitat – Pest Control in Virginia


Common household pests enter the home during the fall in the attempt to find a warm environment for winter. No matter how clean or organized your house may be, spiders can be found in most households, due to their hardiness and ability to adapt.

Spider Threat – Pest Control in Virginia


Though most spiders present a startling appearance, many spiders are completely harmless to humans or pets or pose a very small threat to their well-being. Though not all arachnids are dangerous, some can prove to be quite deadly, depending on the species.

Spider – Pest Control in Barboursville, VA


Preventing ground spiders and other hunting spiders starts with eliminating their food source. Inspect your outdoor and indoor areas for insect entryways, and replace or repair broken areas through which spiders and insects can enter through.

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