Commercial Pest Control in Virginia

Commercial Pest Control

Insects and rodents can be more than annoying, they can also be destructive and dangerous as they contaminate food and can damage homes, furniture and insulation. They even transmit diseases such as West Nile virus from mosquitoes, Lyme disease from ticks, asthma and allergies from roaches, and a list too numerous to mention from mice, birds and even bats.

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Commercial Services

  • Economical and Efficient Pest Control
  • Quality Pro Accredited Company
  • Documented services to meet requirements of health inspectors
  • We take the liability off the business owner
  • Well-trained technicians/knows the habits and areas of harboring
  • Customized programs to fit the needs of the business
  • Ability to adapt to individual needs
  • Local branches for faster response times
  • On-staff Certified Entomologists
  • Willingness to work with business staff on training and housekeeping
  • Emergency service calls
  • Multiple application methods designed to meet the needs of the business

Government Buildings

Government buildings create a unique situation for pest management professionals. Many times, the security measures make it difficult to carry the usual equipment and often there is a lot of exterior work required to eliminate pests before they enter the building. We must be able to eliminate dangerous or destructive pests, however, we must do this on the outside of the building by combining traps, bait stations, exclusion and minimal application. Fortunately, PermaTreat technicians are trained in the very latest integrated pest management techniques. They are capable of eliminating pests without using any formulation that might be incompatible with the environment they are working in.

Professional Offices

In an office setting, you have people with many different pest tolerance levels. One gnat seen in the kitchen might initiate a call for service while another person may have an office full of fungus gnats from their plants and not think it's an issue. This, coupled with the different sensitivities people may have, creates an interesting situation for the PermaTreat technician. PermaTreat technicians are prepared to handle the situation by educating the people about how to eliminate breeding sites and using “green” products to solve the infestation. Our technicians are always available to work around the schedule of the business for which we work.

Schools and Institutions

Protecting the health of children and the environment around them is a top priority for PermaTreat, this is why we only use the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program. The IPM program is designed to create a safer and healthier environment by managing pests and reducing the use of pest products. Implementing a school IPM program takes dedication and commitment, a task PermaTreat embraces and embodies. With schools, tolerance levels differ as well as favoring conducive conditions for pests to thrive. This is why a successful IPM program utilizes all pest management strategies to include identification, prevention, education, and communication. Our technicians are always available to work around the schedule of the schools for which we work.

Restaurants and Retail

Restaurants and retail stores are the kinds of customers that are typically serviced during their slow times or as they are closing or opening. A restaurant requires a well-trained technician, a technician with a keen eye for not only places that the roaches and mice might hide but places they might move to if they are not treated and sealed. PermaTreat technicians are trained well in hands-on situations and they know that is just as important to point out places that create harborage for vermin such as mice and roaches as it is to eliminate the pests. Informing our customers that they are creating situations favorable to pests with clutter or grease and trash buildup is an important part of our pest programs.

Churches and Venues

The idea of a church mouse sounds cute, however, when mice become destructive and start chewing up the wiring in the church which affects lights and public announcement systems, it's time to consider pest control.

Churches and Venues present different pest issues such as mosquitoes in open areas around the structures, bats or birds in the attics of old church buildings and large, older structures that have been converted to accommodate all types of functions. PermaTreat's technicians are fully trained to solve these infestations and to exclude the pests to prevent further nesting or roosting.

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