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Old House Borer

Hylotrupes Bajulus


Size Length: 3/4"
Width: 1/4"

Color Dark Gray

DIVERSITY Sole Species


Dark-colored, large, elongated beetle which burrows in structural wood.


The chewing sounds produced by the feeding of old house borer larvae can be heard in wood during the spring and summer months.

Life Cycle

The larvae feed little during the winter months of December through February. The larvae can live in seasoned softwood for several years. When the larvae are full grown, which usually takes about five years, they emerge through oval holes in the surface of the wood. Emergence occurs during June and July. During the first few years of feeding, the larvae cannot be heard, but when they are about four years old the chewing sounds are audible.


Damage occurs to the wood in houses. The actual structural damage caused by these beetles depends on the number of larvae feeding, the extent of the infestation (how many years), and whether there has been a reinfestation.

Pest Control

Control of old house borers involves the use of insecticides applied to the surface of wood or the use of an insecticidal gas (fumigation). When there is an extensive and active infestation of this insect, fumigation may be the best control method. However, limited infestations can be controlled by applying insecticides to the surface of the wood to prevent reinfestation and, perhaps, kill larvae that may feed close to the surface and contact the chemical just below the surface.

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