No time for Bugs….yuck!!!!

With thoughts of Spring and All it's Beauty

pest-library-montageEveryone is anxiously looking forward to warm weather, cherry blossoms and the beautiful flowers that bloom in Spring.

But, be aware of the fact that pests and termites are looking forward to warm weather as well.

Ants are now making their appearance while bed bugs and rodents are still at the top of the list.

Termite activity will become apparent in the weeks to come as we're mulching our flowerbeds.

It is not possible to have the beautiful landscaping we have without creating a haven for all types of occasional invaders and that is where PermaTreat's "exterior only" plans come in.

Don't wait until pests or termites ruin your "first barbeque of Spring". Act now and schedule your FREE INSPECTION.

Our technicians will treat mulch beds with a safe but effective combination of plant oils in a granular form, they will treat around pest access points like windows and doors with a similar formulation in liquid form and remove spider webs in shrubs and other locations around the home. Technicians will also turn over those splash blocks under gutter down spouts where odorous ants and pavement ants love to build colonies. At the same time we will be watching for wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets that might build nests around your home but taking care not to treat flowers so we do not destroy insects that pollinate the plants.

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