I’ve got ANTS in my Kitchen!

Ants! Now What?

odorous_house_ant_tapinoma_sessile_800-3006a87eAnt invasions in homes have been the #2 pest problem this year! What usually was classified as an early spring pest has now found its place in early fall as well. It seems that homeowners find themselves spending lots of money buying over-the-counter products from their local “big box” home improvement store to get rid of ants in their kitchen, only to find that the ants are back relentlessly.

No matter how spotless your home is…if you have a nest of ants located near the foundation of your home chances are they have already gained entrance through a crevice or void in the framing and have now taken up residence in your walls.

Worker ants are the first ants that you will see in your home.  They are responsible for finding food to bring back to the colony.  The products that you purchase only kill the workers which the colony replaces quickly.  That’s why they’re back in full force days or weeks later.

If you choose to control the problem yourself:

  • Keep food storage on the counters to a minimum and make sure that storage containers are tightly sealed.

  • Keep counters and floors free of crumbs and morsels of food, and clean up spills quickly (especially sweet liquids like Cola).

  • Try to follow the ant trail back to the nest to ensure that treatment is applied to the place that will do the most good.

  • Inspect for ants around doors and windows, in cabinets and under the sink.

If you have tried and failed at getting rid of the ants in your kitchen more than once, then contact your local pest professional. A trained pest control pro will be able to determine not only the type of ant you have, but they will also make recommendations as to the preferred course of treatment to ensure that your ant problem is eradicated.

During the evaluation, and with your authorization, the technician will apply products to the appropriate areas to eliminate the infestation already in the kitchen. Then the technician will trace the trails back to the colony on the exterior of your home and apply the proper product to eliminate the ants.  Licensed pest control companies are able to obtain and apply industrial grade pest control chemicals that you cannot purchase on the open market.

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