Black Widow Spider Facts

IMG_0692-300x300Homes in Virginia are occasionally inhabited by black widow spiders. Listed below are some interesting facts about black widow spiders.

  • On average, male black widow spiders are smaller than females, reaching only about half their size in length.
  • The female Black Widow is 3/8 inch long and has legs and cephalothorax that are black. Its teardrop shaped abdomen is shiny black with a red “hourglass” mark on the underneath side.
  • The harmless male of the species is 1/8 inch long, with red and white markings on the abdomen.
  • Black widows are the largest of web-spinning spiders.
  • The Black Widow is a shy, nocturnal spider (that likes to hunt for prey at night).
  • The female rarely leaves the web and will bite only when she is bothered.
  • Black widows prefer both dry and damp, dark locations and will seek warm dwellings in winter.
  • The female black widow spider, though it is the most venomous spider in North America.
  • Black widow spiders go into a state known as over wintering in cold locations, they tuck in their legs and become dormant.
  • The female Black Widow produces up to 900 eggs at a time.
  • Black widow spiders are not insects. They are Arachnids, meaning they are part of the animal class Arachnida.
  • There are three species of black widow spiders: the northern black widow spider, the western black widow spider and the southern black widow spider.

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