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Years ago, the technique used for treatments was a spray because they were the products available. Now with the advancement of products, we rarely use liquid treatments. Most pests are controlled by baits, gels and granules. Our goal is to establish an exterior barrier so we do not have to inconvenience you each time to do an interior service. If you are seeing pests inside, we will be glad to provide an interior treatment at no additional cost. Most of our customers are happy with exterior treatments once that barrier is established.

There are actually two reasons why a PermaTreat representative would recommend this change in your service schedule. Once your technician feels that your pest infestation is under control, he will treat the exterior of your structure every 90 days to reduce the pest population and provide a safe and effective barrier. You do not need to be home for this service, which frees up your schedule while we take care of your home. Our quarterly program will also save you money.

PermaTreat offers the Advance Baiting System in cases like yours. We, like you, want to take care of our environment. The Advance Baiting System monitors, detects and eliminates colonies that are currently in your home or that may invade your home in the future. Advance utilizes the latest termite research and technology available, is low impact on the environment and is safe if around children and pets.

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