Conditions Conducive to Termites

Favorable locations for termites to forage during the summer can include tunneling under bark mulch, stone and ground covers. Soil temperatures and moisture under these products can be favorable for these foragers.

Termites may feed on the mulch in your flower beds but there is no nutritional value so they move elsewhere to such things as roots and construction debris and continue on until they find structural wood.

Mulch can make the appearance of the landscaping around your home quite inviting but it can also provide termites with a bridge over termiticide-treated soil and access to structural wood.

Consider the fact that all homes, regardless of their construction type, can provide ideal conditions for a termite infestation. These conditions are food, moisture, shelter and optimal temperature. Removing conditions conducive to termites in and around your home will help in the battle to protect your home as opposed to making it an open invitation for these wood destroying insects.

Below are some additional areas where warning signs may appear:

  • Attic is not properly ventilated.

  • Slab line shows the presence of water or moisture.

  • Old rotted wood in areas around your home.

  • Wood debris on the ground and around your home.

  • Stacked firewood close to the home.

  • Soil and/or mulch in contact with wood siding or skirting.

  • Kitchen and exhaust fans installed, but improperly sealed ducts.

  • Dryer vent with improperly sealed duct.

  • Plants and shrubs planted too close to the exterior of the home.

  • Gutters in need of repair or cluttered and downspouts not correctly positioned away from house.

  • Plumbing leaks under the kitchen and bathroom sinks, around toilets, under your washing machine, under the dishwasher, and around the outside of your home.

  • Cracks in the foundation could indicate a crack in the footer.

  • Areas with no gutters showing moisture problems.

Consider protecting your biggest investment, your home.  Contact your local pest control company and ask for a free termite inspection.



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