Crawl Space Encapsulation in Fredericksburg, VA

You might not think about your crawl space that often. However, it is more important than you think. Crawl spaces are prime spots for moisture, which helps in mildew and mold thrive, as well as pests. To protect your home in Fredericksburg, VA, you need crawl space encapsulation from PermaTreat Pest and Termite Control.

What Crawl Space Encapsulation Helps With

When you encapsulate your crawl space, you protect the space underneath your floors from:

  • Mildew and mold
  • Pests ranging from small insects to large mammals
  • Water leaks
  • Bad air quality that could affect the rest of your home

Do your home and your health a favor — contact us about our crawl space encapsulation services today.

What We Do for Our Crawl Space Encapsulation

PermaTreat Pest and Termite Control protects your crawl space from invasion by:

  • Sealing all vents
  • Installing insulation and a vapor barrier
  • Providing a humidifier and hygrometer

With these tools, you can rest assure that your home is protected against bad smells, invasive pests, and structural dangers. Our trained and certified technicians can usually take just a couple days to complete the crawl space encapsulation.

Ready to protect your home? Call us today at 866-737-6287. We’re ready to help.

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