How Safe Are PermaTreat’s Products?

When home owners contact PermaTreat their #1 question is: How safe are your products? Everyone wants their pest problem eliminated immediately. You are also concerned about the safety of their children and pets when it comes to finding a pest control company.

DYI household products and baits can be purchased from local retail stores. They can be more dangerous than professional products. Which are definitely not a good choice where children and pets are concerned.

Some foggers are safe for humans but fatal for animals. Taking the time to read labels and buy over the counter products is tiresome. Most often not as effective as hiring a pest management professional.

PermaTreat relies on the IPM method. IPM is the integrated use of:

  • inspection
  • sanitation recommendations
  • exclusion
  • mechanical controls
  • cultural controls
  • biological controls
  • the judicious use of pesticides
  • education and communication to prevent and solve pest issues

The materials that PermaTreat uses are applied by highly trained and licensed professional technicians. They are applied according to the label approved by the U S Environmental Protection Agency. When applied in this manner there is no increased risk to the environment, your family or your pets.

PermaTreat also offers “Green Pest Control”. We use botanical and organic products from EcoSmart. These products are made from essential oils and natural resources. Their products have been proven effective and are natural defenses against insects.

When it comes to pest control, choose PermaTreat. We stay up to date with the technology, products and services available to better serve our customer’s needs.

Pest control is about more than spraying products, it’s about obtaining long-term control. Why is the pest present? What attracted the pest to your property? These are important factors that each technician considers before using any products in your home or yard.

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