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A History of Pest Management: Looking to the Future

Most of the time when one pictures a green alternative, we just imagine an environmentally friendly version of a product that already exists, like household cleaners made with plant oils instead of bleach. While the pest control industry does have its own version of this two-sided coin, as previously discussed, they are also branching out […]

Deer Tick Bites How-to’s

Questions about ticks?     – Learn how to remove a tick safely from your skin – Learn how to prevent tick bites when you're outside – Learn how to identify tick bite symtoms and signs How to remove a tick – Use a small pair of curved forceps or tweezers. Wear some sort of […]

How to Prepare for Tick Season

Governor Bob McDonnel proclaimed May as Lyme Disease Awareness Month in Virginia. This year he signed the Lyme Disease Testing Information Disclosure Act of 2013 into legislation. This made Virginia the first state that requires “health care providers to notify anyone tested for Lyme disease that current laboratory testing can produce false negatives, especially in […]

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