Pest Control Companies

Do I really need a Pest Control Company to kill my bugs? 

Of course I may have a few issues with bugs….but does that mean that I really need to call an exterminator? 

Well…..lets explore your question a little further, what bug issues do you have? 

For the past few days I've seen several ants on my kitchen window sill and over the weekend I noticed these little white termites in the mulch in my flower bed and on rare occasions I see what looks like roaches flying around my porch light.

– Your home could contain hundreds to thousands of ants.

– The bigger the population the more nests are possible, 4 or 5 nests at one house would not be unusual.

 – Ants nest in wall voids under window sills, around and inside appliances, under rocks and splash blocks, they have even been found in a mailbox.

– Ants can move the nest often and sometimes return to a nest site.

– Ants prefer sweets but will eat almost anything even dead insects.

Pest Control companies offer free inspections and evaluations for ant control.

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Termites: How close to your home is the flower bed and (if it's adjacent to your house) does the mulch touch your foundation?

– Flower beds often contain mulch and most often homeowners are not aware that mulch should NOT come into contact with your home's foundation.

– Termites live in the ground and have survived for over 250 million years so they are well adapted to staying out of harm's way.

– Termites eat all kinds of wood and would love to make your home a meal.

– Termites build shelter tubes to protect them from predators and to help maintain the high humidity that they require. 

– Termites eat the wood from the inside out, causing significant damge before they are discovered.

– Termites can and do attack all types of homes and commercial buildings in Virginia.

– Termites cause thousands of dollars in hidden damages more damage than fire and storms combined. 

Pest Control companies offer free inspections and evaluations for termite control.

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Flying Roaches: The Pennsylvania Wood Roach is usually the culprit that you find flying around your porch light at night and they pose no health threat…but if you are seeing roaches in your kitchen when you turn on the light then you have a roach infestation. 

 – The german roach is the roach that you don't want in your home, they reproduce quickly and can pose a health threat for your family. 

 – The American cockroach is the largest cockroach found in houses and females can hatch up to 150 offspring per year. 

 – The oriental cockroach creates a strong smell and is considered one of the dirtiest of all cockroaches.

Pest Control companies offer free inspections and evaluations for roach control.

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