Roach Control

german_cockroach-e71d8370Roaches have been around for thousands of years and for some the battle to control roaches in their homes with DIY products seems to never end.

If you want to get your roach problems under control consider these facts:

  • Cockroaches are most active at night and live in groups
  • During the day they live in cracks and crevices that are dark and moist
  • Cockroaches like to spend time on porous surfaces (wood, cardboard, and paper) because these surfaces can absorb odor which attracts other cockroaches to these areas
  • Cockroaches can survive on – crumbs, grease, garbage, cotton and wool fabrics, cardboard and wallpaper glue
  • Cockroaches need water (Note: the brownbanded roach can live for several weeks with very little water)
  • Cockroaches like to live near their food and water sources
  • Cockroaches shed and their waste products can get into the air that you breathe

Now, consider your options….would you prefer to call a pest control company once you’ve found a noticeable infestation or continue the ongoing DIY battle?

Option 2:

  • Find problem areas- Locate roach infestations by inspecting each room of your house and use sticky traps to capture roaches Use a flashlight  and a small mirror to peek behind or under appliances and cabinets.
  • Eliminate hiding places – do not store paper bags, containers, cardboard, magazines, newspapers, equipment boxes or clothes near infested areas
  • Reduce moisture – repair leaks, insulate pipes and seal gaps around sinks, tubs and pipes to keep water from getting behind walls. Fix worn grout around bathtubs and showers, seal gaps around countertops and the splashboards behind the kitchen sink
  • Eliminate food Sources – keep your kitchen very clean and do not allow grease, crumbs or clutter to accumulate anywhere
  • Vacuuming up roaches dead or alive is a great way to decrease the infestation but remember to remove the vacuum bag and seal it up and throw it away.

If you’re tired of battling your roach infestation contact a professional and get those roaches under control!


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