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Creating a Pollinator Garden is a great way to help the local native bee population by providingthem with easy-to-find and diverse sources of pollen and nectar. PPMA, NPMA’s consumeroutreach arm, offers some tips below for creating the perfect Pollinator Garden, along with a list of flowering plants that are especially attractive to bees and other important pollinators.

Tips for Pollinator Gardens:
• Re-plant flowers from pots rather than germinating from seed to ensure that flowers in
your Pollinator Garden bloom this summer.
• Choose a variety of flowers and flowering plants that are native to your region as local
pollinators are particularly adapted to these. If you are unsure what options are best,
consult with a local gardener or nursery.
•Plant a variety of flower colors and shapes to attract different pollinators. Yellow, blue
and purple flowers are especially attractive to bees.
•Plant flowers in clusters to make them more easily noticed and accessed by pollinators.
•Consider including some exotic plants in your garden. They are particularly valuable as
some can produce a lot of nectar.
•Plant a garden that will offer blooms in different seasons. Again, if you are not sure what
choices to make in your community, seek advice from experienced gardeners.
•Consider plants that bloom at night to attract moths and other pollinators active
in the evening.
•Avoid hybridized plants that often offer less pollen.
•These gardening choices will welcome pollinators that are passing through your yard on
their routine foraging missions.


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