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Problems with Silverfish?

Silverfish prefer very dark and warm areas, with degrees ranging around 70 to 80 degrees F. silverfish-1-300x183They prefer a high rate of humidity and can normally be found in bathrooms, attics, and basements in most homes. No area of the house is off limits, however—if an area of a home is the right temperature and dark enough for a silverfish, they make their home there.

Although silverfish will not cause a human to become ill, they can cause other problems such as:

  • Contaminate food – Silverfish enjoy a diet that can include such things as cereal and flour, both common in most kitchens. Their droppings can make these foods unsuitable for human consumption.

  • Damage property – Because they like to eat paste, they are known for chewing their way through wallpaper to get to the paste, leaving tiny holes. They will also eat pages of books. Because they continuously molt throughout their lives, their molted scales can stain cloth. They will also chew through very fine cloths, like linen and cotton, leaving tiny holes. Even the exterior of homes are not immune to these small insects—they have been known to even chew through wood exteriors to get inside.

Silverfish Prevention:

  • Eliminate sources of excessive moisture such as faulty plumbing and condensation. Silverfish love the humidity.

  • Using a dehumidifier will reduce the moisture content of the air that is essential to silverfish survival.Other dehumidify methods include:

    • Ventilate closed rooms and attics

    • Eliminate standing water

    • Run an air conditioner

  • Regularly vacuum cracks and crevices around the home with a narrow tip.

  • Remove easily accessible food sources by storing pantry food in tight container


Quite often Fire brats are mistaken for Silverfish.   




  • Are generally ½ to 1 inch in length

  • Live anywhere where there is high humidity

  • Are a shiny silvery color

  • Can live up to 7 years

  • Find them mostly at night in damp places



Fire Brat

  • Are generally ½ an inch in length

  • Live anywhere the temperature is normally above 90 °F

  • Are colored in shades of brown and black

  • Can live up to 1½ years

  • Find them mostly at night in hot places


Interesting Silverfish Facts:

  1. Silverfish don’t die or leave when it gets cold , they live up to 2-8 years…so when they find a home, they’re not leaving anytime soon!
  2. Silverfish are most active at night and can jump up to two feet into the air (that’s high enough to get onto your bed!).

  3. They can go up to a year without food , so removing all the things they eat in your basement won’t affect them it just motivates them to start exploring more parts of your house.

  4. Most silverfish go unnoticed and will slip into cereal boxes, rice boxes, or anywhere they think is a good place for food or to lay eggs.

  5. They can climb walls (so they can practically get everywhere inside without difficulty).

  6. They have been around for 400 Million years , which probably is the reason why they are immune to most bug poison.

  7. Silverfish eat things we surround ourselves with (paper, cardboard, glue) so at night when they come out for food they could be crawling everywhere!

  8. Silverfish love toothpaste and eat the toothpaste remains off of toothbrushes, and have even been found INSIDE toothpaste containers!

  9. Silverfish molt continuously throughout their lives leaving dead tiny body parts around your home!


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