Termite Control Bait System in Alexandria, VA

A termite infestation is no laughing matter. If you think you have termites on your Alexandria, VA, property, rely on PermaTreat Pest and Termite Control for help. We can use our termite control bait system to get rid of termites effectively and efficiently.

What Are the Signs of Termite Infestation?

While termites are not always easy to spot, they do often leave behind signs of their activity. For example, does your home or business have:
  • Discolored drywall?
  • Small holes in the wall?
  • Sagging floors?
  • Damaged wood?
  • Termite frass?
  • Wing droppings?
  • Mud tubes on the outside of your foundation?
If so, these are likely signs that you have termites. Don’t wait. Call our termite control specialists today to evaluate the situation.

How Can We Help?

We know the uncertainty and stress you might feel when you first realize you have termites. However, we are here to help get your home back. We can help you determine the severity of the damage and the treatment options we have available, such as our termite bait system.

Please call us at 8667376287 to discuss your specific termite situation. We’ll happily answer any question and address your concerns with you. Take back your home with our help.

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