Termite Bait System for Lorton, VA

Does your home in Lorton, VA, have a termite problem? Call PermaTreat Pest & Termite Control to learn how we use a termite bait system to trap and exterminate termites in your home.

Our Termite Control

You may have noticed termites around windows and doors, or maybe you’ve spotted the tell-tale termite tunnels on the exterior of your house. No matter where they have infested, you need to have the termites eradicated from your home.
Termites love wood-framed homes and classic wood furniture because it provides food and safe spaces to live. But eventually, a termite colony can severely degrade the structural integrity of your home. PermaTreat Pest & Termite Control offers termite control methods to protect your home from these destructive insects.
We also offer real estate inspections and pest control services for new homes to ensure that the home is ready to sell and that new owners or renters don’t have any pest problems.
A termite bait system is effective because it allows us to do more than just block the termites’ entry to your home. In addition to installing pest barriers, we focus on exterminating the insects so that they cannot multiply and cause further problems.
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