3 Reasons to Use Yard Guard Pest Control

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When mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks are found in nature, they are part of the wildlife. When they’re on your property, however, they are pests. These pests are a problem not because they simply live in your yard but because they have a tendency to turn your yard into the wilderness.

Fortunately, Yard Guard products and practices from professional pest control companies can keep your yard free of the pests that are so bothersome. Learn about three reasons why Yard Guard is important to keep the mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks away.

1. Protect Your Children

Your yard is where your children play. As the weather warms up and the trees and grass turn green again, bugs will start to swarm to your trimmed lawns and nice bushes, where your children run around and play. In Virginia, the thick underbrush is notoriously packed with ticks and fleas, but those bugs can start to inhabit your lawn as well, which means your children may encounter them.

The main concern about pests, especially mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks, are the diseases they can carry. Ticks can carry Lyme disease, the symptoms of which are rashes, headaches, tiredness, and fevers, as well as other unpleasant symptoms.

Mosquitoes can be similarly problematic. They have been known to carry and transmit many different viruses, like Zika virus in 2016. The viruses themselves might be mild or at least treatable, but if the symptoms go overlooked or worsen, they can cause more complicated infections, like encephalitis.

Pest control companies can keep these pests from harming your children with Yard Guard repellents and other products, making your yard safe for your children. These products can be organic, which means they contain fewer harsh chemicals that might have their own problems. The sprays and repellents will be harmful to the bugs that come in contact with them, but they won’t hurt your children if distributed properly.

2. Protect Your Pets

Just as your children enjoy the outdoors, so do your pets. The difference is that it’s sometimes much harder to keep your dog or cat from wandering through the tick-infested bushes than it is to keep your children from doing the same. What’s more is that pets have fur, which makes it easy for fleas and ticks to make a home next to their skin, and you might have a hard time locating any pests that do hitch a ride.

The same diseases that can affect your children can also affect your pets, with additional ones as well. For instance, ticks can transmit canine ehrlichiosis, which causes fever, lack of appetite, and lower platelet count that can result in bleeding or bruising. Mosquitos, too, have their risks; they transmit heartworm, a sometimes fatal disease where larvae from mosquitoes that grow and reproduce within your dog’s heart.

You can get a handle on these threats by taking your pet regularly to a veterinarian, but only pest control will protect your pet from being infected in the first place.

3. Protect Your Guests

If you like to entertain family, friends, or neighbors on your property, you want your guests to enjoy their time. Swarming mosquitoes make for a miserable time, and your guests might not want to return if they go home and find they have attracted fleas or ticks.

Sometimes, these pests are unavoidable. Mosquitos will congregate as the sun sets, and they view humans as food sources, so they will hang around as long as they can. You can likely keep ticks away from your guests, but if fleas have found a way to your pets or children, they might be in the furniture or the carpet.

Proper Yard Guard pest control can not only keep you free from pests, but it can also keep your guests from taking any pests home with them, ensuring that you’re free to entertain all season long.

Do you need pest control for mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks? PermaTreat has a Yard Guard program that is family-, pet-, and environment-friendly. Contact us today to learn more.

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