Ant Invasions

Why are ants suddenly appearing in my house? I have ants everywhere!

Ants nest in the ground and forage for food on warm days. When their food source is interrupted by weather conditions they make their way into our homes.

The weather that we have been experiencing for the past several weeks with temps dropping and rising as well as the heavy rains are certainly major factors for indoor ant infestations.

This is mainly because the rain has drenched the ant’s food source so now they are going underground into cracks and crevices and crawlspaces where they can travel up wall voids into homes looking for food.

Once the ants are in your home they forage for food and return it back to the nests to feed the others. These foraging ants leave a scent trail so they can find their way back to the nest and so other ants can follow.

When you see an ant in your window sill your first reaction is to kill it. But, were you aware that once you kill an ant it sends out a scent signal to call for other ants?

If you kill the ant, remove the carcass and clean the area where the ant was killed with a strong soap or window cleaner to remove the scent. This will help, but remember that the scent trail is still in place so other ants may follow.

There are several steps for homeowners to take in the “DIY world” but unless the nest is discovered and treated by a pest management professional you are not winning the battle.

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