The Brown Marmorated Stink Bug

Have you ever seen a dark brown insect with black markings and a body shaped like a shield and wondered what it was?. It is very likely if you haven’t dealt with these pests you will. The Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB) is a crop pest and also one of several insects that invade homes in the late summer and early fall to find a place out of the weather where they can survive until the spring. The BMSB then emerges when the weather turns warm again and that’s when they can be quite a nuisance. If the insects emerge on the inside of the house they might fly around the lights or just rest on the ceiling or walls. If you kill them by crushing them you will find out why they are called stink bugs. These bugs do not harm people but they are ugly and disturbing when they appear in large numbers.

Spraying inside the house to control these pests is not recommended because you will likely end up covering the interior of the house with insecticide. So how do you deal with them? I think the best defense in this case is a strong offense, which is preventing the insects from nesting in your house in the first place by treating the cracks and crevices and any other opening on the exterior of the house that would allow them access and sealing it up. Treatments on the exterior to diminish insect populations are available.

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