Crickets – Midnight Madness

Have you ever been sleeping soundly and suddenly awakened to a chirping noise that just wouldn’t go away?

The noise that you’re hearing is coming from a male cricket attempting to attract a female cricket. The noise is caused by a file and scraper body part on their wings.  So once the chirping starts we can’t sleep until the culprit is caught.

Crickets are destructive, they damage furniture, rugs and clothing by eating large holes in the fabric.

They become household pests in late summer when they move into buildings to find moisture.  They hide in dark warm places during the day and are quite active at night.

Here are some tips to prevent crickets from entering your home:

  • Provide adequate ventilation in your crawl space or basement.
  • Replace your outside lights with yellow bug lights or sodium vapor lights.
  • Seal and caulk gaps around siding, windows, doors, pipes and wires.
  • keep yards mowed and weeded and do not over-mulch flower beds

If you’re tired of the midnight madness brought on by chirping crickets in your home contact us today to schedule your pest control program.

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