Fall Pest Prevention is Important

I’m sure you are aware of the problems pests can create for you and your family. We all have some kind of bug that plagues us, and most of us have dealt with rodents in our walls, especially those of us who have an older home. But to understand why fall pest control is so important, you first have to look at the problem. And it’s icky.

Termites and ants are the home wreckers. Literally. They breach your home’s defenses and build colonies in your walls. Those colonies feed and burrow into your wood, making vast pathways through support beams and framing. Many homeowners don’t even see the destruction till it’s too late, and they are looking at thousands of dollars of repairs–if they can repair at all.

Rodents get into your walls and chew on wires, and nibble on sheet rock. So, besides being a nasty, hairy, disease carrier, that crawls through your food drawers, they can also create problems with your electric, phone, internet, and television wiring. These are hard to track down problems hidden in your walls, and can cost a lot to fix. If you’ve ever paid an electrician to do anything, you know they’re not cheap.

Fall invaders also bring viruses and disease. The not so lovable cockroach loves bacteria and decay. When he is done dragging his shiny brown body through the sewer pipe, he is happy to crawl into your flour bag, or over the silverware in your drawer. The worst part is, many times you don’t even know it. Your children gets sick with the flu, and you think it is just the season, unaware that the problem is being brought into your home by a fall invader.

Biting insects, like: spiders, wasps, fleas, and ticks, love a nice warm place to spend winter. They get you while you’re sleeping. They get you while you’re relaxing on the deck. They get you while you’re cozy on the couch. Insect bites are worse in fall, because there are more of them. And, because your warm, friendly home, looks appealing to them.

Then, there are a whole slew of pests that are just plain irritating, like: ladybugs, stink bugs, crickets, silverfish, centipedes, cluster flies, and more.

In fall, bugs and rodents are looking for a place to hibernate or overwinter. And they can turn your happy home into a horror film. That’s why fall pest control is so important. A pest professional can treat your yard, and set up devices that watch for harmful insects, like termites. They can stop many bugs before they even get to your home. Professionals have training on how to seal your house, and can spray the outside of your home, especially in hard to reach places, like the roof line and third story window frames.

You don’t have to live in fear of bugs and rodents. Proper fall maintenance can keep your home and your family safe, and bug free. You have enough to worry about. Leave your bug worries to the professionals.

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