The Forgotten Fourth Roach: Oriental Cockroaches

Oriental Cockroach | PermaTreat Pest and Termite ControlIn the United States, four primary types of cockroaches tend to invade homes: German, American, brown-banded, and Oriental cockroaches. The first three get plenty of attention, but homeowners often forget about the Oriental cockroach. It is a less frequent pest in most areas than the other three, but still, you should know the basics about the Oriental cockroach so you can effectively defend your home.

How Can You Identify Oriental Cockroaches?

If you know what you are looking for, it’s pretty easy to distinguish these roaches from other varieties. Oriental cockroaches are shiny black or very dark brown in color. They’re about an inch long, and they cannot fly or climb up smooth surfaces. They also move slower than other cockroach species, so you’re more likely to see them on the ground.

What Causes Oriental Cockroaches to Enter a Home?

Oriental cockroaches typically live outside in piles of leaves and under rocks. They are less indoor-bound than other cockroach species, and when they enter a home, it is usually in search of food.

Typically, the roaches are first attracted to something in a homeowner’s yard. They may gather around the trashcan or take up residence in a wood pile. Eventually, a few roaches realize they can find food and moisture in the home, and the population starts migrating indoors.

How Can You Keep Oriental Cockroaches Out of Your Home?

Three main strategies are effective for keeping these pests from entering your home.

  1. Make Your Yard Less Attractive

Your first line of defense against Oriental cockroaches is to keep them from even entering your yard. Keep your trash bin clean, and make sure its lid seals well. Do not allow piles of brush or leaves to linger. Avoid leaving food out for pets, and make sure your yard drains properly. If you get a lot of standing water, have a landscaping expert improve your drainage.

  1. Seal the Barrier

Your next line of defense is to make sure that if roaches are attracted to your yard, they can’t make it into your home. Seal any cracks in the ground-level walls with caulk. Make sure the weatherstripping on your doors and windows is up to par.

  1. Make Your Home Less Appealing

Finally, if a few Oriental cockroaches do venture into your home, ensure they don’t find it appealing enough to bring the rest of the family with them. These pests love starchy food, in particular, so keep all of your grains and breads in sealed containers. Take out the trash every day, and don’t let dirty dishes sit in the sink. Also, fix any plumbing leaks, and if your basement is moist, install a dehumidifier.

How Can You Get Rid of Oriental Cockroaches?

If you have an infestation in your home, you will probably see the bugs in moist, dark corners of your home. They also emit a very distinct, musty odor, and you may see their egg capsules, which are reddish brown in color, dropped in secluded areas like the back of a cupboard. If you notice these signs of an Oriental cockroach infestation, contact a pest control company.

Oriental cockroaches are not typically as tough to get rid of as German and American cockroaches, but eradicating them does usually require pesticides, so it’s best to leave the job to the professionals.

Your pest control company will typically treat the perimeter of your home, since this is where Oriental cockroaches congregate. You’ll probably also need to work on eliminating moisture and food sources and cleaning up your landscaping to avoid attracting more Oriental cockroaches in the future.

Do you have Oriental cockroaches in or around your home? Contact the experts at PermaTreat Pest and Termite Control today to schedule an appointment.


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