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Indoor pests are a common concern, especially because they can be a direct danger to your home and family. However, outdoor pests can be just as bothersome and potentially dangerous as indoor pests. If you have experienced ants, crickets, or millipedes on your property, learn more about the potential danger of these pests.


Perhaps you imagine ants as hardy workers, all working together for the good of their colony. However, when people and ants come in contact outside, this can produce undesirable consequences. Discover what damage ants can do to your health.

Ant Stings and Bites

Many ants, if encountered, will bite or sting. For many people, the only damage the ants will cause is a little initial discomfort and some red bites that might itch. These bites only last about a week.

For those who receive a sting instead, they might encounter more serious health issues, such as swelling or pain. However, for others, an ant bite or sting could trigger an allergic reaction. These people might find breathing hard or experience nausea, dizziness, or chest pain.

No matter the level of your bite or sting, you can eliminate the issue with effective ant control.


You might enjoy the sound of crickets at night. However, crickets are not just a harmless insect whose sound that you can fall asleep to. For many, crickets are a nuisance at best and a garden invader at worst.


Crickets, for some, are soothing. However, for others, crickets are a nuisance, especially if people hear crickets night after night and in close proximity. Crickets can cause you to become sleep-deprived, irritable, and tired. Sleep-deprived people can, in turn, experience weight gain and clumsiness. So, if you are exhausted after a long night of cricket song, then effective cricket removal is a must.

Garden Invasion

Crickets love gardens. They enjoy both stems and seeds of many crops, including corn, vegetables, and wheat. Whether you like to grow a garden just because or you need it for food, crickets can be your worst enemies when you are trying to grow healthy and hearty vegetables and fruits.


These outdoor pests are known for being long and thin. They are often brown and have multiple legs. While they do not cause many issues that can harm you, they can be a nuisance. Discover more about why millipede control is a must.

Nocturnal Nuisance

As nocturnal creatures, millipedes most often move around at night. While you are less likely to see them, they can scare you or anyone who comes across them. They are usually in any damp area of your yard, often under rocks, leaves, or mulch.

Skin Irritant

While millipedes do not aggressively bite or damage property, some millipedes release a fluid when they feel threatened. This fluid can be a skin irritant to the people who encounter it. This fluid can cause blisters to appear on your skin.

Garden Threat

While many millipedes are actually a beneficial bug as they eat decomposing plant material, some millipedes will go straight for the plant. This can damage your gardens and landscaping if millipedes are allowed to munch.

Call the Pest Control Experts

No matter what outdoor pest you have, rely on PermaTreat Pest and Termite Control for effective control. We can visit your home, evaluate your outdoor conditions, and provide a treatment plan to manage or eliminate your specific pest issue. Please call us today for a free inspection of your property. We will happily answer any questions or address any concerns you may have about outdoor pests or pests in general.



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