Mosquito Season is Here

Mosquitoes are once again in the headlines. The latest news is that of the Zika virus, especially dangerous to women that are or could become pregnant. Before Zika it was the West Nile virus, Chikingunya and of course Dengue fever and Malaria have been making people ill for a very long time. The mosquito at the center of the Zika scare is the (aedes aegypti) or yellow fever mosquito. These mosquitoes found all over the world in moderate to temperate climates, are day biters so you must protect your self at all times not just early morning or at dusk. Wearing long sleeves and long pants to avoid bites is not very comfortable in the summer so here are some suggestions to minimize mosquito encounters while we spend time outdoors.

Mosquitoes begin their life cycle in water, so it is important that we do not allow even the smallest amount of water to collect and stand around our homes. They can develop in as little as a cup of water in just a few days. Clogged gutters, toys, tires, and flower pots are just a few of the many possible breeding sites for mosquitoes. Dense shrubs around your home provide resting sites for adult mosquitoes and all doors and windows in your home should have screens that are in good repair. Using a repellent if you are going to be outdoors in an area where mosquitoes are prevalent is a good idea and there are some very good mosquito treatments to reduce adult populations around your home available.

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