Preventing Black Widow Spiders

Reduce clutter indoors and outdoors.

Built-up clutter provides a safe haven for spiders, which is why people are most frequently bitten when tackling long-overdue clean-ups, such as clearing boxes in storage areas or cleaning out closets. Leave spiders as few hiding places as possible by keeping all of your belongings well organized. Indoors, make sure to get rid of any old shoes, clothes or newspapers — anything a spider might find refuge in. Outdoors:

  • Move firewood or other debris away from the foundation of the house. Spiders love making their homes in stacked up firewood, where it’s dark and sheltered. However, when firewood is stacked against the house it makes it very easy for the spider to make a dash indoors, if it feels the urge. Remove this possibility by keeping firewood (or any other materials) stacked as far from your house as possible. Also, remember to wear thick gloves when carrying firewood indoors, to avoid being bitten.
  • Cut back vines, shrubs and other vegetation from the side of the building. Spiders often make their homes in close-growing vegetation, and vines or bushes growing on or near exterior walls are ideal. Unfortunately, vines also give these spiders easy access to windows and roof spaces, so they may be facilitating the spider’s entrance to your home. Cut back any ivy, or bushes near the foundation of your house, and avoid letting garden grass grow too long.

If the spider infestation is large, or the spiders are nesting in hard to reach places, PermaTreat will have the specialized equipment necessary to deal with this. PermaTreat uses stronger chemicals and insecticides than those available for residential use.

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