Responsible Pest Control

Spring is here! The birds are building nests, the trees and plants are starting to bloom, and the insects, including bees are becoming active.

It is worth mentioning bees because over the past few years the decline in pollinators, especially bees, has become alarming. Bee colonies have been dying and it is not clear why, but there might be a link to untrained applicators improperly using insecticides. 

It is evident that not only is it important to know what type of insecticide to apply but you must also know where and when it should be applied. All of the reasons for the colony decline and which products may be harmful to pollinators are not yet identified but it only makes sense to avoid treating the flowering plants and trees while they are blooming.

Although it seems that bees are everywhere at the moment consider making your living area a bit safer by planting flowers away from the areas that people frequent like entrances to homes and buildings, childrens play areas, etc. Also keep outdoor trashcans covered and away from high traffic areas.

The last thing we want to happen is someone that is allergic to bee stings get stung. We must balance this with saving the pollinators….. the world would not be the same without them.

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