Signs Your Attic Has Pests and What to Do

Bats, rodents, birds, wildlife and even insects can find their way into your attic to make themselves at home. The insulation in your attic, along with relatively private quarters, makes this often-ignored space of your house inviting for a variety of pests.

Use this guide to learn more about the signs that you have creatures dwelling in your attic and what you can do about infestations.

What Are Signs of a Pest Invasion?

A pest will use many ways to let you know they are invading your attic; this section lists a few of these ways.

Animal Droppings

You may see animal droppings (especially bat/bird feces) on the outside of your home where creatures go in and out of your attic. You may also notice droppings on the ground around your home’s foundation.

Strange Sounds

As creatures settle in for the night or build their nests, you may hear scurrying, scratching, or even chirping coming from the ceiling of your home. You may notice that these noises seem to resonate along the edges of your roof where pests go in and out of your residence.

Holes in Your Home

Birds and rodents will often create holes in your home’s exterior to gain access to your attic. Commonly, pests will destroy vents in your attic to get inside.

Disturbed Insulation

Insulation that is moved around by burrowing rodents and other pests will become noticeable when you look inside your attic. You may notice missing insulation or even insulation on the ground underneath the entryway to your attic from the bottom floors of your home.

What Should You Do About an Invasion?

pest removal specialist will inspect your attic for current signs of invasion and eradicate any pests they find. If there are insects in your attic, then there may be more inside the rest of your home, so your pest removal specialist will want to inspect your house to keep future infestations at bay.

Once you’ve rid your home of pests, you need to take precautions to make your attic and home harder to gain entry to. Taking action right away will help protect your home and health. Here are a few things you can do to keep pests at bay.

Block All Entries

Your pest removal specialist will locate the area that pests used to get into your attic in the first place. Your pest control expert can treat entryways for you to keep pests from returning, or will make recommendations to secure your attic against future invasions.

Replace Insulation

Insulation that has been used for nesting is likely soiled in or may be housing the ectoparasites that pests bring with them, such as mites and fleas. Replace all insulation in your attic to keep your home safe.

Keep Traps in the Attic

Even after all pests have been eradicated, it’s wise to keep traps in your attic in the event a creature still manages to get inside your home. Check traps frequently and dispose of any caught pests appropriately.

Visit Your Attic Frequently

Your attic is a safe haven for all kinds of unwanted pests. If you suspect there are creatures in your attic, then call for professional pest removal services right away. Contact our team of exterminators at PermaTreat Pest & Termite Control for your rodent or insect problems today. We’ll help you keep your home safe.

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