Spiders – Beware!

Don't let spiders invade your home

Black_Widow_11-06I’m about a half an inch in body length, shiny black with long black legs. I live in attics, garages, basements, and lots of other secluded places around your home and yard. I can inflict a nasty bite, which requires medical treatment in some cases. Contrary to popular belief I don’t eat my mate, and by the way I have a red hourglass on the underside of my abdomen, sometimes it is a red circle or square or even dots on the top of my body. Have you guessed what I am yet?

That’s right I’m a black widow spider and you would do well to know what I look like and avoid me. Because I can be rather aggressive at times especially after forming egg sacks, you know those silky sacs that are in the web. I’ll tell you something else about spiders, I’m not the only one that can be dangerous, the brown widow spider has been turning up in more places than ever before. Two more spiders to look out for are the brown recluse, and the hobo spider. Although they are not commonly found in the southeastern U.S. there are documented cases of people being treated in this area for bites from these spiders, Spiders like many other insects travel very well. Folks grab suitcases, boxes, bags, and clothes that have been tucked away for who knows how long, and these items get thrown into a truck, insects and all, and transported all over the country.

Yellow_sac_spiderA few more spiders worth mentioning are the sac spider, this spider is responsible for a majority of the indoor spider bites. Usually their bite results in localized redness and possibly burning, rarely does a necrotic ulcer occur as in the case of the brown recluse or hobo spider bite. Other annoying spiders include the wolf spider, the cellar spider, the grass spider and the house spider, many of which are capable of biting but not a venomous bite.

THE SOLUTION TO YOUR SPIDER WORRIES- Let the experts at PermaTreat perform a free inspection and let y ou know what needs to be done to control those dangerous pests, and from now on be extra careful when you handle those items that have been sitting around for a while, you never know who or what may have taken up residence in them.

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