Termites – It wouldn’t be summer without them!!

Termites work year round!

It will soon be that time of year when termites are in abundance but you may not be aware of this fact!

Older bags of mulch can contain a termite infestation as well as landscaping blocks or bricks when stored or have earth to brick contact.

So just because you don't see the "swarmers" that people typically identified termites by for so long now….doesn't mean that they aren't there.

As you begin working or weeding those flower beds adjacent to the house…take a few extra minutes to fluff the mulch or move a few bricks or borders to see what insects are possibly invading your home.

PermaTreat recommends that homes in our area should be checked for termites annually to avoid any damage that could occur over time and unseen.

While treatment is not always necessary after the inspection it might be justified for peace of mind by protecting your biggest investment.

Termite Treatments fall under 2 categories – Preventative and Remedial

Preventative Treatment – a treatment made to a structure that does not have a confirmed termite infestation. The purpose is to prevent future termite problems.

Remedial Treatment – a treatment that is done when termites are already infesting a structure. The purpose being to destroy or eliminate the active infestation.

Bottom line…with the cool weather that we've had this year, "swarmers" have not had the opportunity to appear…don't wait for the inevitable…Have your property inspected and ask for a treatment quote…we'll stand by our pricing for one year!

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