Termites Swarm in Spring

Spring is just around the corner which means that it’s time for the termites to swarm!

All mature termite colonies are getting ready to release alates. Alates are the reproductive termites also known as swarmers, they are black unlike the workers and soldiers which are a white or cream color, and they have two sets of wings that fall off shortly after they emerge.

An indication that you have a termite problem is an accumulation of wings (all about the same size) near a source of sunlight such as an open door, a window, or a skylight. These termite swarmers will emerge from an opening sometimes as small as a sixty fourth of an inch. There will be males and females in the mix and their purpose is to establish new termite colonies.

Sometimes the termites swarm in an area which does not allow them access back to the soil where the nest must be established, and the result is a pile of dead termites on your floor, window sill, or counter. This does not mean that the termites in your home are dead, it’s a warning sign that needs immediate attention.

Mature colonies produce swarmers and the colony that is invading your home will produce more of these alates next year.

Remember…when swarming termites appear at your house call your local pest management professional for a free inspection.

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