Top Tips to Keep Pests at Bay This Fall

Rat - PermaTreat Pest and Termite ControlWhen fall comes around, many people like to hunker down in their homes to stay warm and comfortable as the temperatures drop. Unfortunately, certain pests and rodents may have the same idea and try to take up residence in your house. 

Learn about some key tips you can use to keep your home pest-free this autumn.

Use Weatherstripping

The various entryways of your house, such as the doors and windows, are a vulnerable spot in your fight against pesky critter invasions. And insects and rodents often gain access to your home through very small openings, such as gaps between your doors and windows and the walls of your house.

A great way to deny any pest access to your home is to seal these entryways with weather stripping. Place the weather stripping around the top, bottom, and sides of all your doors and windows. Doing this reduces the chances you will have to deal with a pest invasion this autumn.

Regularly Check the Dryer Vent

Your dryer vent is also a possible entry point for pests. Check the vent to make sure the damper is fully functional. You don’t want a damper that is stuck or broken, which will allow insects or small animals to get inside your house.

Fill Gaps With Expanding Foam

Pests often like to make nests under your roof in gaps that are present in your soffits or fascia. To prevent this, fill any gaps with expanding foam. As the foam cures, it hardens and completely closes any gaps, preventing unwelcome critters entry inside. 

Maintain Your Outdoor Plants Carefully

Insects and rodents like to make themselves at home in bushes, shrubs, and gardens. If these plants are too close to your house, pests can use them as a habitat while awaiting a chance to gain entry to your home.

Keep all plants about two feet away from your house and keep any bush and shrub branches from touching the siding. 

Watch for Signs of Spiders

Many homeowners notice more spiders in their house during the early weeks of fall, as male spiders are more active during this period. Clean and dust regularly to keep webs under control. And remember to pay special attention to areas of the home spiders like, such as corners, dark places, and behind or under large furniture.

Another good tip is to use a dehumidifier in your basement because spiders love dark and damp basements. Doing this makes the area less inviting for any arachnids tempted to weave their webs below the stairs.

Check for Mice

Mice are often a problem for homeowners in the fall, as the rodents seek shelter from lower temperatures and inclement weather. Check for mice with a flashlight, and shine it in spots where mice tend to scurry about, such as along baseboards.

If you find signs that mice have entered the house, set out traps in the areas where the rodents are active. For example, you can place traps on the floor along the side of the wall. Make sure that each traps is parallel to the wall. Mice have the ability to jump over a single trap, so set out adjoining traps in pairs to prevent this from happening.

Another good idea is to store any pet food, a favorite food source of rodents, in a metal garbage can with a tight lid. Mice cannot climb up the side of the can because it’s too slick.

Even if you take all reasonable precautions, it’s still possible for a pest invasion to strike your home this fall. Fortunately, the certified exterminators at PermaTreat Pest and Termite Control can handle any pest issue. Contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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